Note: 500 characters limit is not available now. These sites support 160 characters max.

There are many websites out there on the web which let us send free unlimited SMS to India. All of those sites require you to first register before sending any SMS. But there are few websites which require no registration, i.e. you can directly send SMS after visiting the site.

The sites listed below requires no registration, lets you send unlimited FREE SMS to India –

1. AFreeSMS – No login or registration required. Send unlimited 160 character SMS. Check message delivery report in real-time. High-speed message delivery system. It also supports free international messages.


2. – Same features as above. The only difference is the lower SMS characters limit. It supports only 160 characters SMS. The impressive part is there are no ads on site and also no ads in messages.


3. FooSMS – Same features as supported by both the sites above. It further lowers the SMS characters limit, i.e. supports only 140 character SMS. The remaining 20 characters are reserved for advertisements. Interesting thing is that this site does not even require users to fill captcha. That makes it the quickest among all.


4. SMSSea – Here you can send free SMS to multiple phone numbers at one time. Add multiple phones number with commas. It also supports free international SMS.


Note: Numbers registered with Do Not Disturb Registry (DND) may not receive SMS sent via any of the above sites.

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The major drawback of these services is that the identity of the sender cannot be verified which is a big loophole. Thus it is a compromise with the security standards since this service can be easily misused by some anti-social elements.