In this tutorial I will show you how you can add a Twitter tab to your Facebook fan page,  as is shown in the image below:


Adding Twitter tab to your Facebook fan page have the following benefits:

  • Help you to promote your Twitter account among Facebook page fans
  • Make your tweets directly accessible from Facebook page itself
  • Gain new followers.

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Procedure to Add Twitter Tab to Facebook Page

1.) Goto Twitter for Pages. Click on ‘Go to application’ button.


2.) Hit ‘Click here to Install


3.) Click as shown in the image below to view the drop down list and choose the page you want to add Twitter to.


4.) Click on ‘Add Twitter for Pages


5.) Fill in the required details. Then Enter your Twitter User Name. Hit ‘Save Changes‘ and you are done. Twitter is now added to your Facebook fan page.


6.) But the Twitter tab will not be visible unless you manually bring it to the front tabs. Click on the ‘+‘ tab.


Click on ‘Twitter‘, it will appear at the last tab position. Drag it to bring it ahead for more visibility.


Twitter tab is now added on your Facebook fan page. The members of the fan page now can view your tweets and can reach your Twitter profile page from the Facebook Page itself. You can repeat the procedure if you want to add twitter tab to more of your Facebook pages.

I hope this tutorial helped you. If you have any queries feel free to comment.