Bharti Airtel has decided to double the speed of its existing broadband connections for all its subscribers without any additional cost by the end of June.

Therefore, all the Airtel existing subcribers on 256 Kbps connection will automatically get upgraded to 512 Kbps speed without any extra cost. 512 Kbps subscribers will be upgraded to 1 Mbps. and 1 Mbps subscribers will get the speed of 2 Mbps.

According to Mr. K. Srinivas, Joint President-Telemedia Services, Bharti Airtel,

We are massifying the broadband experience by enabling users to access higher speeds at affordable rates. Our data shows that more and more customers want higher speeds. Average usage per customer has also increased by 40 per cent.

Therefore, we are redefining broadband speeds in India by upgrading all our subscribers to 512 Kbps even as the telecom regulator defines broadband as 256 Kbps.

Bharti Airtel is also launching a 4 Mbps wire line connection for just Rs. 899 a month. With a download limit of 6 Gb of data after which the users has to pay at the rate of 10 paise for every additional MB downloaded or the user can move to 256 Kbps speed till the new billing cycle starts. Airtel’s 4 Mbps connection will be rolled out in phases starting with four cities.

These moves by Airtel will surely prompt other Telecom Operators or Internet providers to roll out new plans or to make cheaper their existing Internet plans.

Thanks Neeraj Agarwal

[via Thehindubusinessline]