Connect One’s Wi-Reach Classic is a compact, battery operated portable device, with a sole USB Socket which is used to connect with 3G USB modem. Once you connected a USB Modem to it, you now have a mobile WiFi hotspot with you whether you are on the beach, in the car, on the train or in the park, you can now access WiFi anywhere, which can be shared with upto 10 WiFi enabled devices at a time such as laptops, netbooks, PDAs, iPods and alike. The device is said to last for four to five hours on a full charge, and it can be recharged via USB. Wi-Reach Classic is priced at $99.

WiReach Classic

Wi-Reach Classic is designed to support coming networks such as WiMAX And LTE. It can also work with 4G USB modems with a software upgrade, by simply plugging the 4G USB modem into Wi-Reach Classic.

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