“Fall In Love with the Problems, Technology Will Drive You towards the Solutions”

True developers will always seek a true understanding of the problems affecting millions of people and will use a creative approach to solve them. CallForCode is an annual challenge organized by IBM with DCC as Founding Partner. It aims to come up with real-time implementable solutions for the problems that have an adverse effect on our society and humanity. It was first organized in the year 2018 with more than 1, 00, 00 participants collaborating together to form a strong developer community and provided more 2500 solutions to some of the real big issue of our society.

call for code

When an earthquake happened in Haiti which broke all medium of communication and connectivity, Dr.Paul Gardner (A well known Computer Research Scholar) designed a system where people can call, text SMS and exchange information without any available telecommunication network just by creating web of users. This technology is popularly known as “Mesh Networking”. This helped the Disaster Management Team to reach the affected areas and its people without much delay and all the necessary aid was provided.

The impact of Haiti earthquake was so huge that Red Cross Society engaged top developers across the globe and developed a program known as TERA (Trilogy Emergency Relief Application). It is a mass messaging system which allows relief team to exactly locate all the active mobile phone in the Disaster hit area and blast an emergency message within 140 characters with just 1 click. TERA proved a great success as it allowed Relief Team to keep the masses aware about water sanitation and provided proper medical aid. Today Red Cross has rolled out this application in more than 50 countries.

Technology has not just improved the way Disaster Management services or Alert Mechanism is delivered but it has also changed the mindset of affected people. A study suggests that people living in such affected areas are no more considered as a victim of natural calamity but they are considered as an individual who has developed an important skill of taking care of self. Every Life is important and every soul deserves a proper life.

CallForCode 2019 is now live within the developer community with a belief that “Technology can really prove as an effective medium to solve some of the greatest problems of Natural Disaster”.

IBM has already developed Technology and Product which provide developers a ready to use platform and prepare solution concentrating to areas of Advance Alert in case of Natural Disaster by keeping an eye on Weather Forecast Data, Navigation tools and technologies to reach the affected areas and its people with greater precise information, Telemedicine Technology to provide Medical Aid in case of Disaster Management Process and lot more.

All these tools are made available to participants of Call for Code and they can use them in designing and developing their solutions.

As this an open challenge, it comes with a lot of Reward for the Winner. One will get a full house of cheering audience, A trophy, Support from Investors and Mentors to make the solution scalable and reliable, Open Source Project Support from the Linux Foundation, Implementation Support of Solution through Code and Response; A cash reward of USD 2,00,000.

Isn’t it motivating and exciting?

If your answer is Yes, Open https://developer.ibm.com/callforcode and register yourself with IBM ID . Make use of available resources and start coding your solution. Make sure that your solution provides an answer to any issue related to Natural Disaster and Health. IBM and DCC have ensured that you have all the necessary guidance and support during the process through a community of Mentors and fellow coders. In the end, submit Your Code with proper demo. Make sure that you Sign the necessary Participant agreement.

call for code

Remember, 21st century is of Technology. It is a century of Hope, Wisdom, and growth. Let no one is left alone, isolated or not supported in the hour of need. Thinkers, Innovators and Developers across globe have changed the life of billion people living across the globe without even knowing them. Each such soul thanks technologist for the kind of work they do to bring around the much-needed change in society. We are answer to their Hope. Let us all come forward and solve the Genext issues with our Witty Mind.

Join Code For Challenge and Make Every Life Invaluable.

The last date of Submission of all entries is July29th2019.