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How to Use TweakBox :

TweakBox is dead simple to use:

  1. Find and tap the icon on your home screen
  2. Tap on the Apps button tweakbox_home
  3. Tap your favorite category
  4. Search for the game or app you want and tap to install it
  5. Follow the in-app instructions
  6. If you get an Untrusted Developer error, don’t worry; the instructions for fixing can be found later in this post.

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App Features :

TweakBox is packed with great apps and games, not to mention some of the best Cydia content. Find what you want by choosing one of these categories.

tweakbox features infographic

  • App Store Apps – iOS app store content, including premium apps and games, all free
  • TweakBox Exclusive Apps – some apps and tweaks are only available in the installer, such as fully-featured screen recorders, games emulators, media streaming apps, and a whole lot more
  • Tweaked Apps – some of the best stock apps with new features to make them better
  • Modified Games – some of your favorite games with in-app features unlocked and free to use

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Frequently Asked Questions :

Got questions about TweakBox? We’ve answered some of the more commonly asked questions here:

I Get the Untrusted Developer Error – How Do I Fix It?

This is a common error with third-party content and is easy to get rid of. All you do is trust the developer:

  1. Open iOS Settings and go to General
  2. Tap on Profiles & Device Management
  3. Find the profile in the list and tap it
  4. Trust it and close settings
  5. The error will not appear when you next use the app.

Will My Warranty be Voided?

No, it won’t. TweakBox doesn’t contravene the security in place on the iOS firmware and, because you may need to use your Apple ID to install it, Apple verifies the app as safe and legal to use. However, if you use any tweak from the installer that changes how your device functions, there is the chance that your warrant could be affected so if you need to return your iPhone or iPad to an Apple store, simply remove the tweak.

The App Won’t Download And I Can’t Verify it.

Apple has most likely revoked the certificate. Although the app uses expired enterprise certificates to run, the developers do keep on top of renewing them and there is a good chance that while you are trying to download, they are updating the certificate. Simply delete TweakBox and wait a while. Try again and the certificate should be updated.

If you are trying to download a ++ app, such as SnapChat++ and you haven’t uninstalled the stock app, this message will also appear. Delete stock apps before you try downloading the modified versions.

I Get a Can’t Connect to TweakBox Error Message

Again, this down to Apple revoking that certificate. Just leave things alone for a couple of hours and then give it another go. The certificate should be updated and the app will work.

I’m Looking for a Specific Game; Can I Ask For it?

Yes, you can use the Twitter feed for the developers but there is no guarantee that your app or game will be included. They get many such requests every day and it isn’t possible to fulfill all of them.

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Common TweakBox Error Fixes :

While TweakBox is reliable and stable, it doesn’t stop a couple of common errors arising. All are simple to sort out:

Blank/White Screen:

This isn’t a serious error and is easy to get rid of:

  1. Open iOS Settings and go to the Safari section
  2. Tap Clear Website Data and the screen should revert to normal.

TweakBox Has Stopped Working:

This happens because the developer source hasn’t been verified by Apple. Follow these simple steps to fix it:

  1. Delete the app and then install it again
  2. Go to Settings>General
  3. Tap the Profiles section
  4. Tap the developer name in the list
  5. Trust it and go back to the app – it should work now

Invalid Argument Supplied:

This is far less serious than it looks:

  1. Remove TweakBox form your device and then install it again
  2. Reboot your iPhone or iPad
  3. Go to TweakBox Settings and check for updates
  4. Install them and try again

The App won’t Download:

This is the most common error and the easiest to fix. It usually arises when you already have a version of the app on your device and you are trying to install another version that is incompatible:

  1. Delete the app from your device
  2. Reboot your iPhone or iPad and reinstall the app

Profile Installation Failed :

This error usually happens when the servers are overloaded with traffic. Leave things for a while and then try again. If the error is still there, try this:

  1. Put your iPhone or iPad into Airplane mode
  2. Go to Settings and open Safari
  3. Tap on the Option to Clear History and Website Data
  4. Tap on Clear History and Data
  5. Take your device out of Airplane mode and leave it for a couple of minutes
  6. Try installing the app again; it should now go through.

Stop TweakBox Crashing:

When the app crashed, it is likely because the app certificate has been revoked. You can stop this happening by installing a VPN on your device. This protects your data and hides your online browsing and installation which means Apple cannot detect the app and can’t revoke the certificate.

It’s your turn now.

TweakBox is one of the best Cydia alternatives on offer and you really don’t have anything to lose by trying it. Tell us how you get on and if you have any questions we haven’t covered. Follow us on Facebook for more guides like this one.

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