How strong is your brain? If you had to perform a complex task right now, could you do it? How well do you remember things that happened weeks ago? If you’re not sure about your mental dexterity, then you might want to start working out your brain on a regular basis. Just like you go to the gym, now you can find free solitaire app on your phone. All it takes is an hour or so a day, and you can be mentally fit in no time. To help you get started, here are some suggestions of apps you can use:

Fit Brains Trainer

This free app uses ten different games to work out various areas of your gray matter. Whether it’s memory, problem-solving, or something else, you can improve your brain in all kinds of ways with this app. Over time, you’ll notice that you’re getting sharper and more creative, which is a great sign of mental fitness.

Brain Fitness Pro

One of the best ways to measure intelligence is by rating your IQ, and this app can help increase that number by a few points for you. If you’ve ever wondered how smart you can get, let this app push you to your limits. It does cost a nominal fee, but a more intelligent mind is priceless, so you can’t go wrong.


Most people have the Solitaire app free on their phones, but many of them don’t realize how valuable it is as a brain strengthening tool. It turns out that downloading Mobilityware Solitaire is a step towards better mental fitness, as the game helps improve focus, awareness, and learning ability. Who knew?

So, armed with this knowledge, how fit are you going to make your brain? Now you have no excuse not to work out mentally at least once or twice a day. So get cracking!