Transferring point of sale systems doesn’t just make it easier for you to keep track of the books or watch your inventory. A good point of sale system actually helps your employees as they go about their day working hard to make sure that your customers are happy and well cared for. A responsible business owner considers the impact of a new point of sale system on all aspects of their business. For you, it’s easy to see how a mobile point of sale system is going to make your employees smile. If you’re tired of your expensive, clunky model of an old point of sale terminal and you’re ready to make the upgrade to something more modern, don’t stop at another boring cash register when all you need is a tablet computer like the iPad, a cash drawer, receipt printer, and software to make it all work together. Here’s what you should consider when asking yourself if making the switch is best for your employees.


Easy to Use

Training is a huge time management issue among employees. When you have employees who need training, you have issues with their time and the time of every employee who has to help them. Wait times are longer for customers and more mistakes are made. You’ll never be able to cut human error down to zero, but you do want to keep those mistakes few and far between. With that in mind, an easy to learn point of sale system is imperative.

Touchscreens are so popular in part because they’re so easy to learn. Intuitive design means that they are easy to pick up and use, even for someone with zero experience, because humans are used to being able to touch things to control them and get what they want. Being able to cut down on the training time is a major perk of these systems, both for employees who are sick of having to learn complex commands, and for employers who no longer have to worry about holding a training session or anything of that nature. It’s a win-win for both sides of the employment spectrum. This speed learning ability also benefits the customers, as you’ll see.

Cuts the Wait Time for Customers

One of the biggest advantages of mobile point of sale systems is how fast they are. In fact, Entrepreneur lists that as the biggest advantage of the system as a whole. With this system you can cut the average weight time in your store down considerably, not least because a few employees armed with tablet computers can meet customers wherever they are in the store to check them out. This helps ease congestion and makes it easier for those still shopping to get around the store while people who are just getting there can enter without feeling like they just walked into a mob.

Makes It Easier to Help Each Other

Employees who don’t support each other are quite simply the worst sort of employees. If you have a good group of people, they’re going to try to do everything they can to keep everything running smoothly while helping each other out of the weeds. One person dragging can drag down the whole team. A mobile point of sale system makes it very easy for someone to hand off their station to another employee so they can go help a customer find something specific, or so one employee can go on break and the like. It’s a good system to support teamwork.

Increases Tips

If you run a business where tipping makes up a good portion of everyone’s wages, it makes sense to worry about how changing point of sale systems is going to change how much money they make. For mobile point of sale systems it turns out that embracing new technology will actually make them more money. Bon Appetit shared that when tipping went digital in an ice cream shop in San Francisco, the employees saw a 50 percent increase in their tips per hour, making an average of $12 in tips per hour as opposed to the previous average of $8. This isn’t a standalone case, either. Across the board, easy digital tips like those offered with mobile point of sale systems increases earnings for people dependent on tips.

Less Work with Paperless Processes

And of course, what list wouldn’t be complete without the fact that it would mean less work for your employees? Paperless procedures mean that their work load just went down to tapping a screen, and if they have a good, solid stand beneath the iPad, they could even turn it around to give the client ultimate control and let them do that themselves. This is a major perk according to Food Service Warehouse. Even hard-working employees like the idea of having a simpler, easier job, which makes a mobile point of sale system offered by Shopify a hit across the board.