There are many tools and services available for downloading videos from the world’s most popular video sharing website youtube. Many of those tools require installation and the other online services need you to put the video link to download video, both of these requires a little work or we can say its a little time consuming process. I encountered an online service which I think is the easiest way to download Videos from youtube “”.

Just put kick before youtube on the video url. So for example, if you have the following url:


It would look like this:


Update: is now However the procedure to download videos from youtube is the same. On using the ‘kick’ keyword, it automatically redirects to Anyhow If the ‘kick’ keyword doesn’t work you can instead put ‘save’ keyword in the video url.

Press Enter and you will be directed to kickyoutube website, And then you will be able to download the video in a variety of formats, which include MP3 to download audio only.

For step-by-step working demo watch the video below: