Backupify, an online service which protects the important data by creating backups, its Automatic, Low in Cost, Easy, Secure, and Preserves Privacy. The services supported by backupify are Twitter, WordPress, Facebook, Delicious, Basecamp, Google Docks, Gmail, Zoho, Flicker, Photobucket and many more to be added soon.

Why should you backup your online accounts?

Your lifestream contains important data, but all those pictures, videos, documents, and blog posts are exposed to potential loss. Some web 2.0 services shut down without warning. Others are hacked. Sometimes data is lost from basic human error, or the intentional actions of a disgruntled employee. Don’t put your lifestream at risk when there is a simple, easy, low-cost way to back it up.

Backupify “Settings” Page

The backup procedure is quick and easy –

  1. Sign up By filling all the required details (Free Untill Jan 31st 2010).
  2. Add services and authentic your account you need to make backup of.
  3. Set up backup preferences: daily or weekly backups, backup notifications via email.

The Service is free till Jan 31th 2010, so register and backup all important data on your online accounts, dont risk loosing any of it.

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