With the recent technological advancement of laptops and the emergence of tablets, it could be argued that netbooks have taken a back seat. However, they still remain ideal and extremely practical devices for those seeking the best of both worlds.

Tablets are great for gaming, social networking and browsing the net, yet for those working or studying, tablets can be quite distracting with constant email alerts and push notifications. Also, with built-in cameras and other such functions, tablets tend to be thrown around more carelessly, thereby far more likely to be dropped and broken. With a more durable, clam-shelled portable computer, there is less chance of accidents and no glass to shatter. Desktop computers lack the manoeuvrability of portable devices and laptops can be heavy and awkward to carry around.


Smaller, mini-laptops seem an obvious choice when you need to work on the move and access emails anywhere. Ideal for carrying around, a lightweight computing device such as a netbook will give you both portability and excellence.

Sure, these smaller versions of laptops have no DVD drive, the screens are much smaller and the specifications tend to be of a lesser standard, however, there are many reasons why they remain a perfect choice for students, writers and other professions where a portable computer, designed to be small and efficient, is necessary.

You can still multitask, with the ability to run several applications at once. High resolution displays are available and upgrades are easy to manage. Features such as USB ports, webcams and keyboards (generally not included when purchasing a tablet) are also an added bonus, especially if you happen to be a student or a writer. After all, it is very frustrating trying to write lengthy documents and carry out editing tasks with a virtual keyboard and no mouse. Another benefit is that the batteries can be removed and replaced. Tablets may have longer battery lives, yet the ability to remove and replace a battery is a relief when you do not have the time or facility to charge up your device.

More affordable than laptops and tablets, especially after buying the necessary accessories such as applications, software and a keyboard, these little computing devices are still the most effective means of getting the job done whilst keeping yourself constantly on the go.