One of the best ways to avoid being unemployed for months while you are looking and searching for a new job is to build a network of connections who are keenly aware of your value on the job market before you ever get there. LinkedIn is this type of network that allows you to construct a strong group, or groups, of like-minded individuals to assist in finding you that great new job, as quickly as possible.

Name Recognition and Branding

It is not what you know, it is who you know that counts. In the case of finding a new job, you could restate that as, “It is not what you know, but who knows you that counts.” This is true in branding and selling any product, that the reputation that you cultivate for yourself will determine the degree of difficulty in finding a job. You are able to present yourself as a working resume, highlighting your skills in a way that an old-fashioned resume never could. You have the ability to add photos and videos to your profile, which provides a depth that had been impossible before.


Another of the great tools that LinkedIn provides is that you can join groups that are full of individuals who have the same interests and business interests that you do. These groups are great because they allow you the freedom to interact with these people through group chat, so you can not only get your name out there to those similar to you, you can display all of your intellect and talent, building positive relationships for the future.

Find Those Hidden Jobs

Once you start to build these relationships, then you only need to float the idea of changing jobs out there, for some of your cohorts to let you know what they know. Quite often, it isn’t someone you know who provides the job; it is someone, who someone you know, knows. LinkedIn provides the ability for you to build a nationwide web of interest that will contain many “hidden” or unadvertised jobs. Once companies see a talented individual, they often immediately think of ways to use them. You won’t need to be involved in a website with an applicant tracking system, they will know where you are.

Access to these great jobs can be held, just by connecting with associates on LinkedIn and joining and being active in groups that are going to be of interest to you anyway. Often times, people you know, even in the world of the Internet, will go a very long distance to help someone out.

Gathering Information on the Job Market

Finally, LinkedIn will allow anyone who is interested in understanding the job market in any industry. Again, joining and participating in groups on the site will allow you insight into the experiences of others and how hard or easy it has been to find a new job. This can be vital if your particular skill or talent is becoming outdated. You can start to retrain, or reposition yourself to obtain skills and experiences that are in a higher demand.

Being proactive in your career is the best method to avoid a major jobless stretch in your life. Start to look for a job from the minute you are hired at your current job. Meaning keep an eye on the industry and job type that you are involved in. Using LinkedIn can help you find job opportunities that you never dreamed existed.