Halo 4 is one of the best scientific and fictitious shooter video games available today. In this game, the player takes the place of a superior solder meant to shoot and kill many alien enemies. If the game is played online, the player will also be required to kill many human avatars. One of the most interesting things in the game is that the aliens bleed yellow or blue while humans bleed red when shot at or killed. It has good cinema-like animations that enable hand to hand tragic tackles appear real. The main actor who is referred to as the Master Chief is very violent and unfriendly to the enemies. His main intention is to kill all the enemies and save the lives of his fellow humans and the planet earth.


The game has become a hit in the video game industry because of the reasoning ability that is enhanced in the player. As you play the game, you face a lot of challenges from the enemies such that you are expected to be creative in your thinking so that you can come up with better ideas on how to combat them. You are expected to be very alert at all times so in order to avoid being caught by surprise. You should be able to notice the emergence of an alien enemy from all corners and reason out the best combat strategy you need to apply. You also develop collaboration and cooperation abilities as you fight in the game with the assistance of the master Chief.

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With modern technology, Halo 4 is always getting new and better features that make it more interesting, fast, and very entertaining. One of the many advantages of this game is that it can also be played and enjoyed by adults. It has a unique open voice communication that gives you the real feeling of playing the game as you communicate you can dialogue with other players online. At family level, a few benefits arise, including the ability to discuss issues of violence and online safety precautions that should be taken by children. This exposure equips parents with skills to counsel their children appropriately allowing it to create enthusiasm even amongst parents. The game is not only interesting, but also very affordable. You can buy Halo 4 from Tesco Direct through the company’s online store.

The latest version of Halo 4 comes with a more violent Master Chief though with human emotion. It is just like the previous versions only that the level of challenge has been increased and you are able to choose the level that is best for you. The online play however is fast for amateurs who end up frustrated. The version has single or split screen with allowance of up to three friends. It has online updates that continue the story by giving new fighting missions giving you the opportunity to have something new on weekly basis to get you entertained. The latest version is very attractive as it comes with more advanced features.

The system requirements for quality enjoyment while playing newest version of Halo 4 apparently is exclusive to Xbox 360. The personal computer version so far has not been released. With this in mind, you can buy Halo 4 from Tesco Direct if you can have 8 GB flash drive, minimum of 24 inch screen so that you can accommodate two more friends for game enjoyment. The PC version will is expected however, to require a big space for multi-playing.