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Own a Smartphone? I can guarantee that it is Android/iOS/BlackBerry. Today in the market various Smartphones are emerging out but most of the Smartphones are running on Android only. Why is it so? Because Android is easy to use and available in affordable rate so why go for any other mobile OS.

If you have an Android Smartphone and you do not have any Games or Apps then you should seriously checkout the Android Play Store. Play store provides lots of Games & Apps to play and for entertainment. Now I am going to tell you about The Top Free Time-Pass Games for Android.

I am not going to talk about the popular games which you already know about, such as,

1. Angry Birds
2. Temple Run
3. Fruit Ninja
4. Cut the Rope
5. Where’s my water?

All these games are very popular and could be found installed on almost all android devices. Rather I would be mentioning games which are less popular but are too good to play.

Without any further ado let’s move on with the list and today let’s fill your phone with some new and interesting games.

Top Free Time-Pass Games for Android

1. Rail Rush


You must have played California Gold Rush, What we do in that Game? Go underground by digging land to find the gold inside. But in this game you did not go underground or dig a land. You simply have to just travel on Cart to collect precious stones, to get gold nuggets and gems and see where the gold mine is ending? Accelerate insanely thorough fast rails while tilting and swiping to avoid the obstacles. If you are lucky you’ll find surprise and special gifts all the way as well as there will be big rocks so after breaking them you will get some precious gems for your personal collection. There are many hidden paths, so by finding new and exciting paths in the mine you will get extra nuggets. You can choose your scenario from six different scene i.e. Caverns, Waterfalls, Spider nests, Dead cities and Mushroom halls, as well as Surprise levels with the colourful scenes. Try out the game by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Rail Rush

2. Ocean Bubble Shooter (HD):


This is a very old game but if you want to time-pass then it’s awesome. You must have already played Zuma, Marble Blast, etc on computer or mobile. Plaing since long, if you have got bored with it? Then try out this new game Ocean Bubble Shooter (HD). This is the coolest Bubble Shooter game that has been launched for Android, it has many levels consisting of many sub-levels like Solo Arcade consisting of 600+ Levels, Solo Survival mode, Free Level Online Store (400+ additional levels now) and many others are also there. The most interesting feature of this game is that you can play two player battles over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. Try out the game by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: (HD) Ocean Bubble Shooter

3. Jetpack Joyride:


You should have obviously played Fruit Ninja! So this is the other game from the creators of the Fruit Ninja. Fly the coolest Jetpacks ever with Barry Steakfries in a great adventure. Barry is the hero in this game, in starting he breaks the secret laboratory to commandeer the experimental Jetpacks from the clutches of science evildoers and start running. You have to press and hold the screen to make Barry jump & release to bring him down. You have to collect coins, there will be many breakers like raining bullets, bubbles, rainbows and lasers downwards so from that you have to pass out carefully and make high scores. You can also get a boost of speed and power using the Lil’ Stomper, Profit Bird and Crazy Freaking Teleported, just a selection of the vehicles pickups available. Get merged with Barry and play this awesome by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Jetpack Joyride

4. Spider Monkey


Don’t laugh after seeing the title (Spider Monkey) it’s an AWESOME game. A good time-pass game. A monkey with a long arm is the main character in this game, you have to swing from tree to tree with your long arms as you grab bananas and save monkey friends. The gold rings are the checkpoints for each level, so that you can continue from your current level and do not have to repeat the same levels you have already played. Hop around various trees and get to the finish point by swinging from trees to trees and do the craziest things. Try out the game by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Spider Monkey

5. Hill Climb Racing


Today the best game in the market is NFS Most Wanted, but sorry to say that it isn’t available for free. This type of game is called curious games because when we are playing we do not want that anyone disturbed us, we can’t laugh also while we are playing the game, it requires your full concentration. If you are looking for some light game, I am now going to tell you about a great game which you will surely like – Hill Climb Racing, I can say that you can laugh while playing this game. Name itself tells that you just have to climb Hill by a Car, it is one of the most addictive games on Android. Newton Bill is the main character, the young aspiring uphill racer. There are six unique hill climbing challenges with 3 different cars. You can gain bonuses by doing daring tricks and collect coins to upgrade your car and reach even higher distances. Want to play the game? Then click on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Hill Climb Racing

6. Subway Surfers


Do you like the Temple Run game? then you will surely like this as well. In Temple Run you have to swipe through Left, Right, and jump, collect points and beware of that Devil behind you. This game has the same running and coins but has a lot in difference. Jake is the boy who is running on the rail and there is a Grumpy Police Inspector with his pit-bull dog, who is running behind to catch him. You have to run, jump on trains, pass out from tolls and collect the points but beware of the Angry Inspector. In between, there are many Hover board Surfing, Paint powered Jetpack, Lightning fast swipes acrobatics. So, play the most daring chase with the vivid graphics. Try out the game by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Subway Surfers

7. Tiny Ball Vs. Evil Devil


Played Angry birds? Love that game? but I’m sure by playing Tiny Ball Vs. Evil Devil, you will forget Angry Birds. Meet the Tiny Balls, there are three tiny balls – One is Speedy Tiny Ball, Second is a Heavy Tiny Ball and the third one is Tiny Bonus Ball. Its Fun Physics Based while a most addictive game also. The Tiny Ball needs your help in getting his ship back from the Evil Devil, it has 140 of Unique Real Physics Levels – more levels will be added soon, it is very simple to play and with good Special effects & Attractive design. Try out the game by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Tiny Ball Vs. Evil Devil

8. Angry Cowboy


This game is based on the real Angry Cowboy Story. It’s a free action shooting game with lots of Adventure, Freedom, and Dashing. Of course this game is called gun shooting because of Cowboy. It’s very easy to play, you can play in Classic Street fighting game with lots of guns available like fancy pistol, long-range rifle, stunning shotgun, crossbow, and high technical weapon like a flamethrower and a laser gun. Make yourself an Angry Cowboy and live like a legend. Try out the game by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Angry Cowboy

9. Agent Dash


Like to become Men in Black? Then this is the perfect game for you. You have to choose the mission, accept it and kill as many villains base as you can on your skill. Your secret agent skills to evade every hazard the evil megalomaniacs can throw at him, from laser beams and falling trees to skidding trucks and fiery lava, you can use Spy Gadgets, equip Jetpacks, parachutes and even slow down time. It’s been a total MIB game because when you start getting tough levels you can call a back-up agent for help. So, what are you waiting for, ready to play real with Agent Dash instead of MIB game? Go and become MIB by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Agent Dash

10. Chicken Ninja


“The Funky Chicken Who Thought He Was a Ninja” is one of the funniest game. How he becomes a Ninja? A terrible accident happened that left our poor chicken with chicken dementia. So, now the chicken believes that he is a Ninja – not just ninja, one of the best ninja with the supreme powers in her. Ninja Chicken is trying to prove all of the other chickens that he is a Ninja. The game has 3d levels, Dozen missions to complete to become a ninja and with Cool and unique graphics. So, ready to prove Chicken as Ninja by clicking on below link from your Android Phone:

Download: Chicken Ninja

Try out all these Fun Games for Android and let me know which game you like the most. Submit your comment in the below comment box.

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