Do you possess filing cabinets that overflow with emailed and faxed applications and resumes? Does the recruiting and hiring process eat up so much of your valuable time that you end up with no sufficient time for other important HR functions like training & development of your employees? Have you ever thought of incorporating the advanced web-based applicant tracking system which will gear the hiring process in your company? If not, then you should soon incorporate it. Applicant tracking software is advanced recruitment software that is designed to assist the small and medium-sized companies craft a simpler, faster, and more efficient hiring process.

Why Applicant tracking and recruitment software system?

● No more resumes by email!

It is a well-known fact that receiving thousands of resumes by email and fax is tiresome, error prone and time-consuming. Applicant tracking software relieves you from your emails and facilitates you to organize the recruitment process professionally.

● Develop your resume database the way you desire!

Email, fax, and other recruiting tools surely make it complicated to find and classify the resumes. Applicant tracking software gives you unparalleled full text browsing, and permits you to choose and develop the fields you require.

● Show your candidates, you care!

Inefficient corporate career websites give the competent candidates a bad impression; besides lowering the redemption. The applicant tracking software comes with a completely professionally designed as well as customizable career website.


Features of applicant tracking system

Here are some basic features of applicant tracking software, which you must look into, before you buy any such for the HR department of your company.

  • Sourcing the candidates
  • Parsing of resume
  • Management of resume
  • Post job opening on employment portals
  • Management of contacts and clients
  • Custom recruitment workflow
  • Applicant tracking software for Google apps
  • Tracking of events and interviews
  • Make the search powerful
  • Applicant tracking software with email

Applicant tracking and recruitment software systems possess features which make them appealing to almost all companies. They get so allured by the advanced features that they use it for hiring the best possible candidates; besides that, they can also be used in managing and creating sections of the company’s website which promote open positions. You can also use the software to develop comprehensive databases that categorize, accumulate, and organize the applicant’s resumes.

Employ applicant tracking software and find the best fit!

Applicant tracking software helps in recording and scheduling the appointments and interviews with candidates and applicants. One of the most vital and main attribute of employee recruiting software is that you can use it to search for applicants for any type of position; irrespective of the level – entry or executive.

Additionally, applicant tracking system can also be employed for creating online applications and job descriptions which are completed and then presented to the firm electronically. Personnel tracking and recruiting software system is appropriate for all kinds of businesses. Such software programs turn out to be very useful for HR department of your company. These are now available for firms of all sizes; from small and medium scale companies to large multinational corporations.