Auto Correct is a feature which automatically corrects a misspelled word as you type. While some people find that the changes that auto correct makes are essential, but sometimes it suggest or autocorrect inappropriate words, which create a Cupertino effect.

The people who type Hindi words using English alphabets face this problem most of the time. Hindi words are auto corrected to some english word. As the auto correct does not have hindi words in it dictionary its neither its fault.

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How to Disable Auto-Correct on an Android

Goto Menu -> Settings -> Language and Keyboard -> Keyboard Settings -> Android Keyboard -> uncheck Auto-complete.

disable autocorrect android

Note: These steps may vary depending on the phone and software version you are using. It may be by some other name, such as – prediction, word completion, etc. So look for the appropriate option and disable it.

Using App –

You may also check this premium android app, AutoCorrect Switch. This app easily lets you to enable and disable the auto correct feature. The setting works only inside the app. You can compose your message in the app. After you are done typing simply select the option of where you want to post it.

You will be able to share the message as an email or Message. You can also copy the message and then paste it into any app or document.

How to Disable Auto Correct on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch

Goto Settings -> General -> Keyboard -> Disable Auto-Correction. [For detailed steps checkout this article.]

disable auto correct iphone

Note: While unlikely, these steps may vary depending on the software version of your iPhone or iPod Touch.