Apps installation, streaming videos, reading eBooks, browsing the web, moving files here and there etc, all of these tasks leave behind various cache files and other residual junk. These junk files hogs up the precious disk space on your iOS device.

PhoneClean is a nice tool which let you get rid of these unwanted files from your iOS device. PhoneClean so far is the first and only iPhone, iPad, iPod touch maintenance freeware made to free up space and keep iOS deivces running fast. It’s a windows software.

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How it works –

  1. Download and install the software
  2. After the installation, you need to connect your iOS device to your computer. Once a device is connected, it displays its image to the left, along with information regarding total, used and available disk capacity.
  3. click the Start Scan button to begin the process. PhoneClean starts scanning your device for junk files.
  4. When scanning is completed, you will get details on how much unwanted space is being occupied by each app. i.e. how much total disk space that could be freed up.
  5. Click “Clean” button to start the cleaning process.

As it does not allow expandable memory, storage space is limited in iOS devices. So that makes your free space worth even more. I would recommend you try this program and free up some of your precious iOS disk space. and if you are using your device from a long time and have a large number of apps installed, then it’s definitely recommended to use this software. For me this software freed up 1.4 GB of 10GB space filled on my iPad.

Download PhoneClean