You can share your phone’s internet (GPRS, 3G) over Wifi with other devices, I came across two very useful application for using your phone as a Wifi Hotspot. JoikuSpot for Symbian Phones and WMWifirouter for Windows mobile phones, the applications are available as both free and premium versions.

First lets talk about JoikuSpot

JoikuSpot Premium supports all internet and email protocols and can be secured. But JoikuSpot light supports only HTTP/S Protocol for basic internet surfing and cant be secured. The good thing is, it is not limited to time period can be used outrightly for any period of time.

JoikuSpot Premium has also VPN (Corporate Intraweb access), possibility to adjust all the settings (e.g WiFi network naming) and get rid of the forced landing page. JoikuSpot Premium has best performance and connection quality, and it auto-reconnects to 3G if connection is temporarily dropped to e.g. 2G.

Multiple devices can be connected parallely and can share the same internet connection. I personally used the application, its easy to use and functions really well. The only disadvantage is that it is only available for Symbian phones, other phone users can go for similar applications like the one discussed below.

JoikuSpot 3.0 supports Arabic, Turkish, Chinese HK, Chinese PRC, Chinese TW, Polish, Korean, Indonesian, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Slovenian, English, English US, French, French CA, German, Italian, Portuguese, Portuguese BR, Russian, Spanish, Spanish AM, Dutch, Danish, Norwegian, Finnish, Swedish and Japanese. The language is automatically selected to be same as the phone’s language.


WMWifirouter is JoikuSpot counterpart for Windows Mobile Phones, It has all the features of Joikuspot, but the trial version of WMWifirouter is limited to 21 days.

These applications can come to various uses, but be sure to check internet usage charges of your operator, its better to have an unlimited internet connection, otherwise it can be very expensive to use such applications.

Do Comment on your thoughts about the usability of these applications, and also let me know if I have missed anything in the post.