There are actually several alternatives to the ‘official’ Google android market. Until few time ago the ‘official’ market would not have been available from your PC (meaning: on a PC web browser). Now it is, with a neat push-to-your-phone one click installation that is taking away one of the advantages of the competition (this facility was initially exclusive to appbrain). The alternative markets, though, have still their peculiarities.

andoid market alternatives

Following is a list of Android Market Alternatives with short summary (don’t expect it to highlight all of the differences) –

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Note: Following list is randomly arranged, i.e. not in any particular order.

  • Amazon AppStore: Latest big entry. countries limitations; catalog looking very promising with some good pay-for apps; also features special offers and daily freebies. Def worth checking out if you’re in the US.
  • AppBrain: Born to let you install android market application directly from your PC web browser, also allows you to discover new apps based on the ones you have.
  • SlideME: They provide applications to niche markets, based on geographic location, payment method or even types of applications that users can’t find in traditional channels.
  • Matchfuel: Android Game Center. Use MatchFuel (app download) to discover hot Android Market games & connect with gamers.
  • AppsApk: One of the best source for downloading popular freeware android apps. Benefits – No registration required, One click downloading, No timers, No downloading limits, Direct access to .apk app.
  • Appsfire: Yet another app for discovering official market applications (iOS/Android).
  • PocketGear by A huge, cross-platform (symbian/android/java/winmobile…) market.
  • Aproov: A quite different web look. register to download via a specific phone app.
  • MobiHand OnlyAndroid: More focused on (expensive) pay apps, but offers discounts and free deals
  • GetJar: Quite a lot of apps, and they have specials (“GOLD”) commercial apps for free. Extremely interesting platform for developers, since they seem to offer above-the-average marketing activities.
  • F-Droid: A smallish repository focused on free and open source apps. Not all-encompassing by any means but one of the few that is explicit about showing you the license before you download an app.
  • Chomp: While not technically an alternative market, Chomp (app download) like, AppBrain is an alternative interface for the official Android Market. Chomp has recommendations and a review system separate from the official market.
  • Mall – With Android apps, games this portal provides thousands of free e-books, and audio books.
  • Phoload – A cross-platform free apps market. Filter the site to show only the software that is compatible with your phone model.
  • Mobihand – Partners with media companies, portals, retailers, device manufacturers and operators to deliver customized desktop and on-device app shops.
  • Appslib – Application marketplace for Android tablets. Download straight to your Android tablet. With all sorts of Tablets out there, with all sorts of different hardware, it can get hard to find apps that work great on your tablet. Find apps that have already been tested to work on your tablet.

Some more places to get Android apps –  Androidtapp, Androidpit, AndroidZoom and Androlib.

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