Valentine’s day is just a few days far. Till then you can enjoy the games we have listed in this article. These will surely help you set the mood and spirit for the Valentine’s day. So, here’s the list –

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Top 5 Valentine’s Day Games for Android Phones

  • Bubble Blast – Bubble blast valentines edition is a addictive puzzle game where you push the valentines heart to trigger a chain reaction in order to eliminate them and advance to the next level. There are tones of levels to play. Game offers two different modes of play – puzzle and arcade.


  • Valentine Gravity Clumps – The goal in this game is to get the highest score possible by removing the connected groups of clumps of one color. Touch the clumps of a connected group to remove them. Likewise you have to eliminate all the clumps present on the screen. Tilt the phone to control the direction of the falling of clumps. The bigger group you eliminate the higher points you will earn.


  • Valentine Tower – In this game you’ll have to build the highest tower by correctly placing the falling blocks on one another. Touch the screen at the right time to throw the swinging block to place it at the correct spot. You’ll get only 3 opportunities to miss the target.


  • Valentine Love Shoot – It’s a funny game. Shoot the love arrows at the floating faces before they escapes. On correct shot you’ll either hear fart or moan sound. Few words of advice – keep the mobile speaker volume low otherwise your neighbor may misinterpret your game play with something else.


  • MASH Valentine – M.A.S.H. Valentine takes the classic mash game and gives it a Valentine’s Day/Dating spin. Find out who will be your Valentine crush, what he/she will give you for Valentine’s Day, and what you will do that evening. MASH will also predict whether you and your Valentine will become happily Married, Acquaintances, Soul-mates or Happy.