Ever wanted to share the apps installed on your Android Mobile Phone with Friends? Android 2.2+ (not sure about the older versions) include App Sharing feature by default.

App Sharing feature lets you share the apps installed on your android phone with others. App sharing is great way to get your friends with new android smartphones started. This can even be used to share an interesting app you just downloaded on your phone with your friends.

What gets shared is the Android Market Link of the App. Using which the other person can download the particular app to his phone. There’s even a way to share the Installed App’s Apk file – i.e. the complete app package and not only the link – check the other apps section below for more details.

The Default App Sharing Android app works pretty easy. Here’s some steps on how to use it –

  1. Launch “App Sharing” app from the menu.
  2. You will see all installed apps listed
  3. Click on the one you want to share
  4. You will now get “Share via” options, which include Bluetooth, Mail, Messages and other option for the installed apps which allows sharing, such as Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Gmail, etc.
  5. From the “Share via” menu, select the medium you would like to use to share the app.
  6. And you are done! The Android Market link to the app will now get transferred to the other person.

The most preferable option would be to use Bluetooth or QR Code. I would prefer QR Code the most if the other person has QR reader installed on his phone, as its the easiest and quickest among all.

Note: If you wont see ‘Share via barcode’ option in the ‘Share via’ menu try installing Zxing Barcode Scanner.

This was the default app which comes pre-installed with all new android phones. There are some other apps in the Android Market which offers similar functionality with some more advance feature.

Similar Android Market Apps with their Features –

  • Share Apps – Search option – lets you search for the desired app from the installed app list.
  • Share My Apps – Share multiple Apps together and you can even add notes with each app.
  • MyAppSharer – This app allows to directly Share Apps full package unlike other similar apps which shares only the android market link of the app. This can be beneficial in case the other mobile to which you are sharing the app does not have data connection.
  • Apps Share – Advance search and sorting options.

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