control online activities of childrenComputers and Internet are nowadays ubiquitous in every field of study and work. To excel in any field a student must know proper use of the computers. With the so many advantages there are also disadvantages and dangers of using computers. Computers if used in a wrong way can cause severe physical, mental and social threats to the children. To counter these threats, every parent must ensure that their child is using this incredible technology for the right purpose and the right way.

All parents wants their child to progress and they think in the utmost benefit of their children. That is the reason they bring them expensive computers, so their child remains ahead in education in every way. The lack of awareness among parents about the negative effects of this technology may bring their child into severe trouble.

The Threats of Using Computer and Internet are –

  • Physical – Computer Vision Syndrome, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Obesity, Back & Neck Problems.
  • Mental – Violent Thoughts, Disturbed Sleep Patterns, Unreal sense of Achievement, Insensitivity.
  • Social – Over involvement in Social Networks, Isolating from Real World, Lack of Development of Basic Social Skills

21st Century Parents Kit

21st Century Parents Kit, an Initiative by International Public School, Bhopal, aims to educate parents about the basics of computers and internet, and makes them aware of the negative effects that they should safeguard against their child.

21st century parents kit

The “21st Century Parents Kit” consist of an Awareness Video, Selected Software, and Selected Educational Websites to encourage constructive use of IT amongst children. A parent’s handbook is also a part of the kit to help them in technical issues.

The education material in the kit is outstanding. I sincerely liked it and would like to appreciate the efforts of all the teachers at IPS Bhopal who designed it. The material is in a simple and easy to understand language. Every topic is explained very well with excellent examples. It consists of the most basic tips including how to turn the computer on. So it can be understood by a person who is very new to computers.

Following topics are being covered –

  1. Basics for Parents.
  2. Controlling Your Child’s Activities on Computer.
  3. Protecting Your Child Online.
  4. Guiding Your Child for Constructive Use of Internet.

The another appreciable thing is that the Awareness Video is available in both English and Hindi language. Not all parents are comfortable with english, so they can be benefited by the hindi video. [Scroll to bottom to watch the awareness video.]

What are the Threats of Using Internet for Children? and How the 21st Century Kit can Help you Minimizing these Threats

The Internet offers unprecedented assess to information. Not only can we access a vast amount of data on the internet but we can also use the internet as a channel of communication. Emails and instant messages have made online communication possible. Social networking websites and online discussion forums have proved being popular platforms of expression.

parents kids computer safety

But with its huge benefits, internet can even be a dangerous and dark place. This presents dangers for all Internet users but particularly children.

Broadly speaking there are three risks for children who use the Internet:

  • Privacy – Children knowingly and unknowingly share personal information on the internet, such as on social networking websites. Parents should talk to their children regarding this and they should also keep a close watch on their activities on social networking websites.
  • Content – The Internet provides easy access to a range of objectionable, dangerous and illegal material. Unsupervised children can access much of this content relatively easily.
  • Predators – Dangerous people use the Internet to lure children into situations that could be physically harmful.

How the kit will help?

The 21st Century Parents Kit includes tips and recommendations on which antivirus, firewall and parental control software to install and use. It also consists of important online safety tips which all children must be aware of.

Where to get the 21st Century Parents Kit?

The complete kit is available in the digital format as well at the IPS website follow the following link to access it – 21st Century Parents Kit

Watch Awareness Video:

English –

Hindi –