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backup android free appsThe Android platform has been a game changer in the mobile phone industry, no question, but the downfall to the open source system is that you have to work harder and wade through more irrelevant or under-performing options to find apps that really work for you. Unlike Apple products, there is no seamless and universal system like the cloud to manage the process for you.

If you’re backing up your phone for the first time, you’ll probably want to do it at home and make sure you’re on a strong cable internet connection. Some of these apps can use a lot of data and if you’re serious about backup you’ll want to be on a reliable connection while you set this all up.

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All the data you need backed-up can be saved in 4 steps for free with these apps:

  1. Protect the apps you already have. Some apps aren’t on the android market forever and if your phone crashes without a backup you can’t always recover them, free or paid. Download Astro File Manager (which will also act as a process and app killer), sign up for an account, choose the files you want to back up, and hit the “backup” button.
  2. Install inDefend Mobile Backup, sign up right in the app, choose Messages, Contacts, Call Logs, History, & Settings. Make a new backup and name it whatever you like. You can also schedule regular backups.
  3. Install Hide pictures with KeepSafe which will save pictures and videos to the cloud and has the option to limit access to certain files on your phone behind a PIN number. Beware, hidden files will not be saved to the cloud. For these you should manually tether to your computer and drag-and-drop them onto your hard drive.
  4. Install SanDisk Memory Zone to move files from internal memory to your memory card and then back them up to the cloud.

Backing up your phone early and often is imperative, especially if you or your phone are especially accident prone. The good news is that your email and calendar are already cloud based, and so are always backed up. The market is trending toward more all-inclusive solutions, but in the meantime, these free apps will protect your data.

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