07.04.2012 in Home > Random > Windows 8 by Namit Gupta

Remove Evaluation Copy Desktop Watermark from Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Users who have downloaded and installed Windows 8 must have noticed a small watermark at the bottom right corner of their desktop saying, “Windows 8 Consumer Preview Evaluation Copy. Build 8250“.

Though it does not take much space, but if you find it annoying and would like to remove it. Here’s how to do so –

  1. Download My WCP Watermark Editor
  2. Run the tool and tick “Remove all watermark” check box¬†at the top. and press “Apply new settings”
  3. The tool will start processing. It wont take more than 2 mins.
  4. After completion you would be asked to reboot your PC. After reboot reset your wallpaper to see the change.


Note: Change will only appear after you reset your wallpaper.