05.12.2009 in Home > Internet > Programming by Namit Gupta

Squad-Web based Real Time Collaborative Code Editor

Squad, a free online code editor, featuring collaborative editing, syntax highlighting, line numbering and has support for many programming languages. And best of all it is available for FREE, however Squad also offer a premium service with more advanced features.

Free Trial requires no sign up just click on “try it now” button and enter you name, and start coding, Squad provides a Collaboration link through which you can invite others to join in.

Share code with others in real time.

Share code with others in real time.

The premium version sports an ad-free environment as well as it allows you to upload local files, edit them and save them back to computer. Though the free version is suitable for the newbies or small programmers, the premium service has scope for professional developers to get in.

Share code with others in real time.

Open local files or cut & paste code into Squad.

Squad is good at features though it lacks the compiler. A while back we posted about codepad.org , an online compiler that not only lets you share your code with friends but even shows the output after its execution. A combination of both these service can prove as duo. You can write your code collaboratively at Squad where as execute and save it for future use at codepad.

However, if both these services are combined or they get tied up in future, it would bring a revolution for programmers.