Today everyone need a personal webpage on the internet. A website has become an identity of oneself in the online world. A website can be personal, business, portfolio or a blog. If you are willing to create any of the just mentioned website for yourself? read on.

The easiest way to create a simple website by oneself is to use a website builder. uCoz is one of such free website maker that allows you to easily create your own unique and fully functional website for free.


In a Typical scenario, a website developer need to look after website hosting and installing CMS scripts and other technical stuff. But with a website maker like uCoz you don’t have to worry about all that stuff. You just have to focus on creation and management of the website, using the free and easy to use tools provided by the website builder.

Creating a website with uCoz is simple and quick. You can pick a template from several hundreds offered by the website builder. Or you can even create your own unique design.

After completing the website creation. Now comes the management of it. At uCoz website management is conducted though the control panel, that only the website administrator i.e. you, the creator of the website have access to. Control panel lets you do a whole lot of things. You can activate and delete website modules, change website design, activate additional features, create pages, make backups, etc.

With the whole lot of features it provides, uCoz is great for both Newbies and Professionals. It offers both free as well as paid packages, which the user can select as per his needs.

So, head on to and explore by yourself the whole lot of features provided by it. and Let us know your views in the comments below.