Now there are dedicated Omegle chat apps available for your iPhone and iPad. If you have never used Omegle before, it’s a chatting service which connects you on chat with any stranger picked randomly from thousands of users on its website. The conversations are kept totally anonymous although nobody stops you from sharing personal info.

Earlier Omegle was only a web-based chatting service, but now several dedicated apps are available in different platforms which let you easily enjoy Anonymous Omegle Chat on your preferred device.

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But let me warn you, because it’s totally anonymous, Omegle is full of spam. So be careful you may encounter notorious characters while chatting.

Following is the list of iOS Apps which provides the same Omegle chat on your iOS device with more comfort and ease –

Omegle Official iOS App ($0.99) – The Omegle app connects to users on the Omegle Web site as well as to other iPhone and iPod Touch users.

Chat for Omegle – With “Chat for Omegle” you can chat with 1000’s of other people who are ready to meet you. You can turn your next few minutes of down time into an exciting conversation.

Unique Features – Share your image, Automatic scrolling

Omegle Ace ($0.99) – Talking with strangers is now an elegant iPhone experience with all the features and polish you’d expect. Omegle Ace is fast, fully supports landscape mode, and allows you to save conversations or email them to your friends.

Unique Feature – Save conversations or email them, Browse website url while chatting

Omegle 2 ($0.99) – Talking to strangers has never been easier. Touch a button and you are chatting with another person picked randomly from thousands of users on the omegle web site as well as other iPhone users.

Unique Features – Support exchanging pictures, Support copy & paste

Omega for Omegle – Omega is the perfect Omegle companion! This application lets you easily connect with the popular anonymous chatting site,

Unique Feature – Chat Saving, Chat Sharing (Email, IM, SMS)