Now a days, getting a Job in this highly competitive market is one of the hardest experience. This is one part of life which demands bone wrecking struggle and still no results, this surely lefts the person broken. So what’s missing? An Android app is all what you need. Using which users with a little management and resume tracking can save you a lot of time and energy.

Build, create and track resume with resumebear

Let me introduce you to the ResumeBear, an online service which even has an Android app which can be used to track down your progress report in real-time.

With ResumeBear users can –

  • Write a well outlined resume, the one which looks professional too. As we all know, a well written resume can separate you from the crowd in a matter of a glance. Not only you can create a well written resume, but ResumeBear also helps you in determining the best cover letter, resume or any other combination which impacts the authorities.
  • ResumeBear lets you upload your resume to the desired authorities, without taking much of your time.
  • Searching for jobs made easy, users can keep track of the new openings right through their Android devices.
  • ResumeBear is secure to use and there’s no risk of being hunted by hackers or degraded minds as it is fully secured by TrustedID.
  • Once the resume is sent, users get notified when their resume is opened or not, in real-time. Not only that, if the recipient forwards your resume to someone, you will also get notified about this action. This is one cool feature I really appreciate. Users can say this is known as real-time tracking.
  • ResumeBear allows you to send your resume in multiple formats.

Frankly speaking, managing and tracking your resume in real-time can’t be easier than this. Here enjoy the video.

Now track down your success and land to your dream job without having to follow much tantrums.

ResumeBear works on Android OS v1.6 and above, and you’ll surprise to know it’s free to use and download.

Download – ResumeBear [Android Market]