Facebook users can now send money to their friends and family with PayPal directly on Facebook. PayPal on 17th Nov launched ‘Send Money’ App for Facebook.

PayPal Send Money is the fast, secure, and social way to send money for gifts, special events, or any occasion. It also lets you include a personalized e-card for the personal touch. This could be a great way to greet someone on their special day such as birthday or anniversary.

paypal send money

You can choose from hundreds of cards for ever occasion. You can even attached your own photos, videos and private message in the card. The card is immediately posted on the recipients wall though the message and other personal stuff is kept private.

Here’s how it works –

Go visit PayPal’s send money app page on Facebook. You select a card for your occasion and choose a recipient. Simply log-in to your PayPal account within the app, choose the dollar amount and click send. The card is immediately posted to the recipient’s wall though the message of the card is kept private.

“In a world that’s turning increasingly to social media, we are giving our customers the flexibility to send their money to whoever they want, whenever they want and for whatever (occasion) they want,” wrote JB Coutinho, Senior Product Marketing Manager, PayPal, in blog post on Thursday.

The Service is currently free in U.S as mentioned in the official blog post. No information about other countries.

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