There are so many online cloud storage services, and I’m sure, if you are serious about it, you might be using couple of them. Well, a question, how do you manage all those online cloud storage accounts? Isn’t that a bit difficult to manage and access all those cloud storage accounts and data stored in them. Well that might be okay to access and manage data when you are dealing with them via Computer, but it’s really hard to manage all those accounts and data when you want to access all that via your Android on a much smaller display as compared to PC.

But now you can manage all your online cloud storage accounts via a single login and that too under one roof. ZeroPC, a cloud based desktop, recently launched an Android app which lets you access all the cloud services and data stored in them.

ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD, actually an Android app for Tablets as it only supports Android OS v3.0 and above, let the users connect all their cloud services they are using, once connected, users can transfer data from one to another, if they want to. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD supports all popular cloud services including Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Picasa, Flickr, Evernote,, Instagram and SugaSync.

With ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD, users can –

  • Navigate through all your data stored on multiple cloud storage services simultaneously.
  • Users can search data stored within their multiple cloud storage accounts and even stored on their friends cloud storage accounts only and only if it is in their shared folder.
  • Users can experience secure transfer of data, as ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD uses encrypted token-based security technique called “Oauth” just what’s used in banks and educational institutions.
  • Users can browse, search, access their data stored on cloud storage services as well as from their local hard disk.

Here’s how it works:

Once you download and install this Android app on your Tablet, you also get an account for ZeroPC – a web-based desktop on cloud, which provides you a 14GB of free storage via integrated cloud storage services plus 1GB from its side.

The App can be downloaded from Android Market, and the best part is that its free.

Download – ZeroPC Cloud Navigator HD [Android Market]