No matter what’s going on Google Campus, but the bloggers and webmasters are all worried about dreadful Google Panda Effect which is a real pain hindering the normal workflow. Webmasters has left no stone unturned to get rid of Google Panda Effect. But what Google wants, nobody knows, except for a unique content with a rich keywords stuffed right. So to provide a little comfort and smoothness to your workflow, here I have found a service/application and a WordPress plugin which can help you in finding the right keyword, helps in structuring your posts and making your content search engine friendly.

inbound writer

InboundWriter created by Eightfold Logic, is an automated tool which helps you create quality content by molding the keyword rich content just asking some starter terms. Then it searches keywords from real-time searches, terms used by the visitors and from other sources, also providing the guidance on how to best structure your content in-order to make it of highest quality for an increased impact on search engines.

Features –

  • Provides real-time searched keywords and the one actually used by the readers.
  • With InboundWriter, you can not only hook up the right keyword, but you can also structure it in the right way along with the number of times to use it in the content.
  • Increases your content popularity by digging up the right keywords from various sources including blogs, product reviews, message boards, and sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Wikipedia, Amazon, and Technorati.
  • Provides real-time help in using the keywords right, how much to use, where to use, how many times to use, just left all these queries on InboundWriter.
  • Measure your score right after 200 words in your content and start tweaking and following the guidelines by InboundWriter to create the search engine friendly content.
  • All your content written using InboundWriter is safe over clouds and can be accessed from anywhere using the login and password provided by them.
  • Recently InboundWriter launched a plugin for WordPress, whereas the other’s can access and use this service via their website (
  • Available free (can be used to create up to 8 documents) and professional plan (unlimited documents can be created) at $19.95 per month.

Here’s a quick video showing how it works –

Now optimize your content the right way, without having to follow any tantrums. We all know quality content is the king, but to create quality content, InboundWriter is the king. Do share your views and suggestions.