Surfing web over the Android Smartphone is quite a good experience, but it is the ads which do add some hindrances, actually only glitch preventing us to enjoy web on smart phone. For web browsers over desktop we have lots of plugins and enhancements to make our web experience ads free, but when it comes to Android we have very few options left to use, and it is where it is required the most. But we have found a solution to your problem, an Android Application which will block the ads providing you lots of benefits.

Android Adblock, an open source ad-blocking application that when installed, removes ads from the websites providing you the ads free web experience. So how to use it?

  • Download and install Android Adblock from their official website (works on Android OS v1.5 and above).
  • Open Android Adblock, then press Start/Reload to kick-start it.

Now fire up the Android web browser and surf the web ads free.

Android Adblock has a great option i.e. Filter, where you can list down elements which you do not want to load on the web page along with the ads.

Benefits of Using Android Adblock –

  • Lets you surf the web faster.
  • Saves Bandwidth, save money.
  • And the important one, surf the web without any ads.

Along With Android Adblock, you can also use these tips to surf faster, save bandwidth thus saving some money – 

  • Use a good Android Web Browser. Opera mini is one of the best when it comes to save bandwidth as it compresses the web page before loading.
  • If you want to surf faster, than always ensure that you are surfing the mobile version of the website. For Example, is the computer version, whereas the is the mobile version of the same.

So that’s how you can surf the web not only ads free but also with lots of perks like faster surfing speed and yet saving some money by saving bandwidth.

Do share with us, what all tactics you use to surf the web over Android in harmony?