Now a days, the new generation wants their monitor display bright and shiny, but are they thinking of the side-effects? Burning eyes, sleepless nights, headaches is all what we got after prolong use of so-called bright and shiny monitor display. I don`t think these glittering monitors are precious than your eyes, is it so? The one who stares all day and night at their monitor screens are the victims and know that all. So if you want your eyes safe and want to enjoy healthy computing, then just a mere software is what all you need.

flux - adjust monitor brightness to suit your eyes

F.lux, adjust the color of the computer`s display according to the time of the day by dimming the monitor display in the evening. In the day time our computer screen is too bright adjusting the brightness and color with the day time, but at night, it`s not good for our eyes. So to adjust the monitor brightness and color, F.lux reduced the brightness and color of the monitor screen according to the night, which best suites our eyes. F.lux has a preview option which can be used to get an idea of what those changes will look like over the course of the day.

If you want to sort out some color sensitive work, then it has an option to disable it for an hour. Moreover, it`s always better to work on color sensitive work in the day time, in the natural light, which will not only produce the best results, but is also good for your eyes too.

No matter, if you are Windows OS user, or Mac OS X, or Linux, it is available for all three and can be downloaded from their website. It is also available for iPhone, iPad too.

Beside the use of F.lux you should also –

  • Take regular breaks between the working hours.
  • Splash water at your eyes at the timely intervals.
  • Never work in low/bad lightning conditions.

Do let us know if you know more such tools which makes computing easier for eyes?