world's hardest gameWorld’s Hardest Game 2.0 is a sequel to the older version of the same game. It doesn’t seem logically possible, since if the first one was actually the world’s hardest, how could another one come along? It made me doubt the name in the first place. That is, until I tried the game.

The game consists of a small red square and several other dots of blue and yellow color. You will have to move around the board using arrow keys on your keyboard and collect the yellow dots escaping yourself from blue dots. And make your way to the green end on the other side. This seems simple but is really very tough. I couldn’t even able to clear the first stage. However I am also not much into games. But this game is seriously tough.

Try it yourself and if you a hardcore gamer let us know till which level were you able to reach.

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[Via Download Squad]