Are you fed up of daily irrelevant notifications on your Facebook Profile instead of relevant one? Are you fed up of all those Mafia Wars, Farmville and other silly application requests and looking for a solution? Then your wait ends here. A simple to install and use, web browser extension is enough to get rid of all those unwanted notifications and requests, which not only wastes your time but actually a indirect method to provide unauthorized access to your personal information.

Fluff Busting Purity is a web browser extension to get rid of all those worries related to Facebook unwanted notifications. Contains a plethora of options to tweak in and customize Facebook to use it your way, is something which describes Fluff Busting Purity. Many of us are against the new Facebook chat box design, you can change that too. It has such a vast set of options to use and has the capability to let you customize your Facebook homepage layout with ease.

Key Features of Fluff Busting Purity:

  • Fluff Busting Purity can restore Facebook old commenting system.
  • Using this extension, you can blacklist the unwanted applications.
  • Users can enjoy Facebook videos in Full Screen.
  • Is capable to hide the ticker and Happening Now sidebar.
  • Users can use their own CSS rules to customize the interface as per their needs.

And there are lot more such options using which you can completely remove all those unwanted applications and new features in Facebook which doesn’t please your eyes.

How To Use It?

  • Grab and install Fluff Busting Purity Extension(works on Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Safari, Opera).
  • Reload your Facebook Profile, once you are done with the extension. Something like this(image) will appear on your Facebook Profile down below the Update Status Bar.
  •  A huge list of options will appear on your Facebook Profile as you click on the F. B. Purity.
  • Customize the settings accordingly and save it to use it in real time. Voila it`s done.

Video Overview of F.B. Purity:

Do you find this extension useful? What Facebook features teases you the most? Do share your experience using after this extension.