The truth of blogging is that to build a successful blog you need lots of good content. It does not matter how your content looks, you need a lots of content ideas to run your blog successfully and also to market your blog in web world.

I have written hundred’s of article in my past days and also I suffered on generating new contents for our blog. In this article, I am sharing a few best places to get your content ideas to make live your blog.

content ideas

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1. Yahoo! Answers

Yahoo! answers is a very helpful tool which helps you to find out the content ideas for your blog. You can easily find out topics on different niches which is available as different types of categories.

To get the ideas from yahoo answers, just go to your niche topic category and look at the recent questions or queries to write a good blog article which provides the answer also in it.

2. Social Networking Sites

Social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook are the top most place to generate your online content. This process is easily possible if you are following the number of experts on your niche category.

If you are in need of content ideas, then you can easily log on to your Twitter or Facebook profile and read the trending hot topic on shared blog posts which is available in your stream. This is really helpful and enough to get ideas and write the blog content to makes your blog active.

3. Forums

If you are reading this then it will be great place to get the ideas from your favorite forums. Forums will give you a specific or exact niche which you have been looking for. It is good place to help the entry-level people who are in your related niche.

To make a good blog post, try to find the common questions asked in your favorite forums and make detailed posts with the solution in it.

4. Ideas from your Favorite books

If you are a book reader, then you can easily find great ideas from it and also it helps you to write a long posts for your blog. Lots of books are available with great contents and tips shared by the experts. Mostly the older books contains informative tips reading which you can easily gain more ideas to make your blog posts.

5. Top Blogs

The best place to get the ideas to write your blog posts is to read the top blogs on your niche. The top blogs will have a plenty of updates daily with well written articles and information.

But remember you are not blindly copying it, rather you can read it very well and make your blog posts with updated information in your own words. The original article will always bring you a lot more readers.