The new version of Google Chrome, which is Chrome 13, allows you to select multiple tabs at a time. You can do so by pressing the Ctrl or Shift key. And you could perform operations on the selected tabs in bulk.

Earlier, you only had option to close either a single tab or close all other tabs excluding one. But now you can close multiple tabs of your choice by using the multi-select feature, Or close all other tabs excluding the selected multiple tabs.

multiple tabs selected in chrome

For example – if you want to close tab 3,6,9, you can now easily do so, just by selecting all of them using the new multi-select feature of Google Chrome. But for doing the same thing earlier you would have to close each tab at a time.

Other operation you can perform on multiple tabs in bulk are – duplicate the tabs, pin the tabs, or bookmark the selected tabs. You can even select multiple tabs and drag them together to a another window or a new window.

If you are a Firefox user, you can easily add this feature to your Firefox browser by installing Multiple Tab Handle Add-on.

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