Microsoft few days ago rolled out Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1), A Service Pack (in short SP) is a collection of total updates and fixes released over a certain period of time, delivered in the form of a single installable package. SP can also be slip-streamed into a windows installation disc, which makes all the updates and fixes get installed with the windows installation itself.

If you haven’t tried your hands on the new Windows 7, this is the best time to do so using the below listed free Windows 7 SP1 download links. These are Official Windows 7 integrated with SP1 ISO images from Digital River. Digital River is Microsoft’s online distribution partner for downloadable products.


These files are absolutely legal and completely free of charge. Since these are downloaded from an official download channel, you can also be sure to receive a disk image free of viruses and malware.

These Windows 7 installations need to be activated after the installation or it will otherwise only run for 30 days. For activation you need to obtain a product key. Or you can even reset the evaluation timer to use it freely for little more time (more details below).

How to Use the Downloaded Files

Once you’ve complete your download, you can burn it to DVD using any DVD burning software that supports writing disc images.

After the successful burning, boot your computer with your newly burned disk and the installation process will get started.

Download Windows 7 SP1 ISO Images

Windows 7 Home Premium x86 SP1 (bootable)

Windows 7 Home Premium x64 SP1 (bootable)

Windows 7 Professional x86 SP1 (bootable)

Windows 7 Professional x64 SP1 (bootable)

Windows 7 Ultimate x86 SP1 (bootable)

Windows 7 Ultimate X64 SP1 (bootable)

How to Reset the Evaluation Timer

After 30 days of evaluation, you can reset the evaluation timer by opening the command prompt in admin mode, and typing the command “slmgr -rearm”. You can repeat this procedure up to 3 times, this way your evaluation time will get extended to 120 days altogether.

[via Techdows]