A QR code (Quick Response code) is a two-dimensional barcode that is readable by dedicated QR barcode readers, mostly high-end mobile phones with camera. The code consists of black modules arranged in a square pattern on a white background. The information encoded may be text, URL, or other data.

decode qr code online

QR Code nowadays are mainly created targeting mobile phone users. In order to provide them more ease with information. QR codes are now used for varied purposes (sharing links, contact information, email address, sms, text, etc) and at varied places (magazines, websites, business cards, etc). Lets take a general example of a banner advertisement – advertiser puts a qr code in the ad banner to facilitate easy access for mobile users to get to the their website.

What if your mobile phone does not offer any facility to read qr codes. But you need to know whats behind those black modules (qr code) you just say on a website. Fortunately there are free online qr code readers/decoders available to decode the qr code on the cloud – one among which is Online Bar Code Reader which is a multi purpose bar code reader and supports various bar code formats. The other useful tool is miniQR reader, it even lets you scan qr codes using your webcam. These online tools allow you to easily decode any qr code online. You just need to provide them with the url to image on which the qr code is printed. And it will do the rest.

If you are unable to provide the image url you can even upload the qr code image from your computer hard disk (using this tool) or some tools (like the one I mentioned above – miniQR reader) even provides the option to scan the qr code using webcam. And in case you just saw some random qr code online in Flash or some other format which can’t be saved as image, in that case I would recommend you to take a screenshot, save it and then upload it to any of the above mentioned online tool to decode it.

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