is a service by Yahoo which lets you optimize your images by removing unnecessary bytes from them. It’s a ‘lossless’ tool which means that it optimizes the images without affecting the image visual look or quality. web interface

For optimizing Images you could goto, upload your images directly or provide links to already hosted images. For WordPress users offers a plugin which makes the task automated. You just need to install this plugin and next time whenever you’ll upload any image to your WordPress site, it will automatically run your image though web service which will optimize it for faster loading on the web.

How to Compress all your WordPress Images in a Click

In a recent update to this plugin it now offers a Bulk WP tool. Which let you run all of the images in your media library through the WP web service. It uploads each and every file to Yahoo! and then downloads the resulting file. It can take a longer time depending upon the number of images you have in your media library as it has to process all of your images. A good thing is that it lets you know an estimated total time it will take to process all the images at the initial level itself, so you could proceed accordingly.

bulk wp

Note: This is an experimental feature. Try it at your own risk. We would recommend you to take proper backup of all your images before using this tool.

Why to Optimize your WordPress Images?

Optimizing your WordPress images will decrease your webpage loading speed, thus enhancing the user experience on your website. Apart from good user experience, faster page loading speed will benefit your site in Search Ranking also, as nowadays major search engines like Google considers page speed as one of the ranking factors.

With the new bulk feature of you can optimize all your earlier uploaded images in a go which was a difficult and time-consuming task earlier as we had to optimize individual image at a time and it was nearly impossible to go though hundreds of images one by one. So take advantage of this new feature and make you WordPress site lighter and faster.