Are you searching for Alternatives of any Product on Google? Alternatives gives a better idea of any product or service, tells about its pros and cons, etc. Although Google is very much search friendly. But here are some tips to utilize Google’s search in a better way.

Lets take a very basic example ‘Alternatives to iPad‘ you can search Google for the exact same query but there are some smart ways which can bring out more better results.

Try the Following Smart Search Queries by MixTheNet for Finding Alternatives of Products or Services in Google:

Try each of the queries below (Sample Screenshot below each query):

1. Use “Better than”

ipad alternatives

2. Product name vs. in Google Suggest

ipad alternatives 2

3. * than product name

“Better than ___”,
“more than ___”,
“less than ___” or
“* than ___”

ipad alternatives 3