download iconOffering direct downloads on your website can consume a lost of Bandwidth and server resources. The best way is to offer torrent of the files. As torrent works on P2P sharing it can save a lot of bandwidth and server resources and moreover it will make the downloads faster.

The best advantage of using torrent for downloading files is that the more number of people are downloading files simultaneously, more faster download speeds all of them will get. This is totally opposite in a direct server download scenario, if many people will simultaneously download a file they may receive lesser download speed because of the high load on limited server resources.

Creating torrent files is a little time-consuming process especially when you need to create hundreds of torrents files for all the file downloads you offer on your website.

Burnbit lets create torrent files of hosted files quickly within minutes. It does also provide an automated button script, but first lets discuss the manual method.

Manual Method of Creating Torrents with Burnbit

  1. Goto
  2. Paste the hosted file url in the box
  3. Click on ‘Burn’ Button
  4. And your torrent file will be ready within minutes.


Automatic Burnbit Button Script

  1. Place the button script (see below) on your webpage with the url of the file to be downloaded by your users.
  2. Your visitors clicks on the button (a clickable image button is automatically generated by the button script)
  3. The user is then redirected to the torrent download page of your file where they will be provided with a .torrent equivalent of the file given by the url in the button script.
<a burnbit_file="FILE_URL" burnbit_style="BUTTON_STYLE"></a>
<script src="" type="text/javascript"></script>

There are three possible values for the style parameter, normal, compact & custom:

To know more about Burnbit Button Script checkout link.

Using the Burnbit Automatic Button Script you could even provide torrents for your existing files to your users. Just place this script with proper parameters on your site wherever you want to display the torrent download button. And the Burnbit will automatically burn the torrents of the provided files.

Note: Burnbit only burns torrents for larger files. As there’s no need of providing torrents for small size files they better be downloaded directly.