QR code is two-dimensional bar code and stands for Quick Response Code. QR Code can be used to store addresses and URLs that can appear in magazines, on signs, buses, business cards or just about any product that users might need information about. QR codes can be read by QR scanners,  but are mostly read by mobile phones and smartphones with camera.

There are many tools available on the internet to generate qr code. But the following trick will help you generate a QR code easily and very quickly –

You must have heard about Google URL Shortener (Goo.gl). With its excellent url shortening it also provides with many other features. One of which is for generating qr codes.

  1. Goto Goo.gl url shortener.
  2. Shorten any url.
  3. Now add ‘.qr’ at the end of shortened url and paste it into your browser’s address bar.
  4. You will now see the qr code on the screen.

For example the shortened url for http://www.theitechblog.com is http://goo.gl/7mtv0 now for generating QR Code we’ll suffix the url with ‘.qr’ so it will be http://goo.gl/7mtv0.qr.

theitechblog qrcode

Tip: To see the statistics as to how many number of times a particular goo.gl shortened url is visited. Just add ‘+’ sing after the url. And you will get all the visitors statistics on the screen. For example we’ll suffix + to the above shortened url. Which will then look like http://goo.gl/7mtv0+

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