musicLooking for a simple way to download free music onto your computer? without going to illegitimate music download sites? If Yes, than read on.

We all know that data is stored under a directory on a disk, whether its our home computer or the internet. Google indexes hundreds of thousands of mp3 and other music files stored under open directories all over the web.

To download free music using Google, all you need to do is to type in the following search query in Google, that will find the MP3 files stored in the open directories.

intitle:"index.of" (mp3|wma)

The ‘intitle’ filter is used to find the open directories on the internet. The mp3 filter at the end tell Google to look inside the directories for any files with mp3 in the name. You can even change mp3 to any other file extension of your wish such as pdf or avi.

Note: While writing song name use dot instead of spaces. It will bring out more accurate results.

We can’t say this a legitimate method. Because however you are not downloading music from illegal websites but anyways you are downloading paid music freely.

Note: Use this method on your own risk. Downloading data from unknown directories could sometimes bring in some infections into your computer. So do a proper antivirus scanning before opening the downloaded file. Or even verify by playing the song online before downloading.

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