If you do not want anyone to know; with whom all are you friends on Facebook, just read on. This trick will let you hide your friends list; which is displayed on your timeline from everyone, even with your friends. It will only be visible to yourself.

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Procedure to Hide your Friends List from Everyone

1. Goto your profile / timeline


2. Then Click ‘Friends‘; below the cover image


3. At the top; click on Edit, A box will appear with textWho can see your full friend list on your timeline?


5. Click on the Down arrow and select your preferred visibility mode. i.e. public, friends, only me, etc.


If you select ‘public‘, your friends list will be visible to everyone who views your profile. If you select ‘friends‘, your friends list will only be visible to your friends. If you select ‘only me‘ your friends list will only be visible to yourself.

Watch this video screencast to know more:

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  • Swapnil

    Hi Thanks for this.
    Actually i have two friend list in my facebook account “friend list-A” and “friend list-B” I want to hide “friend list-A” from everyone and want to show “friend list-B” to everyone.
    Is it possible?
    Please help me

  • akram

    now facebook was update..how can i hide my friendlist from evey one

  • azharali

    this kind of setting not coming when we try to hide our friends. we cant hide our friends in facebook now

    • I can still see people hiding their friends list. however I myself have not tried it lately.

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