Facebook sends a notification email for almost all of our account activities. This becomes very annoying as we sometimes get more than a dozen emails in a day. Some of our highly active friends keeps on tagging pictures and videos, keep posting annoying app messages on our wall and the most annoying thing “pokes” some people keep poking unnecessarily. And also don’t forget the spammy Facebook applications.

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All these activities converts into a lots of email in our inbox. To save myself from this problem I have created a label “Facebook” in my Gmail account and configured a filter, which skips from the inbox all email coming from Facebook and archive them under specified label. This way my inbox remains free from unnecessary emails. But there’s one more workaround which will permanently solve this problem.

The workaround is to permanently turn off all the email notifications from Facebook. Follow the below steps to do so:

Considering you are logged into your Facebook account. Goto Account -> Account Settings -> Notifications

facebook account settings
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There you’ll see a long list under the label “Send a notification when someone” uncheck particular or all boxes you would not like to receive email notifications for.

That’s it! you are done. Now no more Facebook emails will be able to reach your inbox.

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  • Coolguy

    i use facebook only sometimes..
    i know we can hide frnd list from others..
    but i have seen many of my frnds hiding ther friends list from me..
    please can u say how to do dat ??

  • Kavya Hari

    will try out and then reply to this article.

    • Surely! Thanks for the comment Kavya Hari.

  • I use auto filter to filter all facebook emails to my facebook folder.. I like it that way because i check my mail more often than my facebook.. However, this is very useful for those who just facebook and dont email regularly.. Thanks for the post however.. Will subscribe to your blog.. It seems interesting..

  • Anand

    Namit i have question out of this topic but on facebook usernames,I tried to register a username for my fan page but says “username not available”.Though the page username which i wanted to register,but that page does not exist n dislays a error msg “The page you requested was not found”.when no is using that username then y i cant register for that username.
    How can i get that username….any idea??
    Help me

    • May be some other page was registered on the same username before. Which may have been recently deleted. Facebook may or may not free up the username. Or it may free up the username so early. Wait for sometime and then try again. Or put up this question in Facebook Help Center. Let me know if you have any other queries. Cheers. :-)