facebook securityHacking of Facebook Account is a hot topic these days. We often get to hear from friends and colleagues about someone’s Facebook account being hacked. I myself have been approached more than a dozed times by people asking about how to get their hacked Facebook account back. So I did some research on this topic and here I am with a brief guide on how to recover/restore your hacked Facebook account.

People got panicked the moment they understand that they no more have any control on their Facebook account and its now being in full control of someone unknown. And that can be really damaging sometimes.

Here are few thing you should consider doing in case you are unable to access your Facebook account:

1. Properly check your email address and password. Or else try logging in with your username. A username is your personalized Facebook URL (web address) and appears in the location bar of your browser after “http://www.facebook.com/” when you view your profile.

Note: Also make sure your caps lock key is turned off.

2. Try logging in with your mobile number (in case you have your mobile number registered with your Facebook account) and password. Be sure to add the country code and remove leading zeroes and symbols when you enter your mobile number.

If you can’t login even after entering your correct email id and password. Your account is probably hacked.

To Recover/Restore your Hacked Facebook Account Follow the Below Steps:

1. First of all try resetting your password here.

Identify Facebook Account

The password recovery instructions are mailed at the registered email address. But in most of the cases Hackers change the account email address. If that is the case you can ask for the password on your registered mobile number or else go for the security question.

Note: You can also get to know the new email id by asking any of your Facebook friend to goto your profile and look for your email id. (In case the hacker forgot to hide it from profile)

Note: If you are unable to login even after resetting your password try clearing your browser cache or cookies, to know more goto here.

If you still can’t login once again try logging into your Facebook account from some other browser.

2. In some rare cases the hacker also hacks the user’s email account. If that’s the case with you can try resetting the password via your account’s security question by following the below step:

This process will let you recover your account by using a new email id, click the “Don’t have access to these?” link under the list of email addresses. To know more goto here.

Facebook Password Reset Form

Note: After correctly answering your security question there will be a 24 hours waiting period before you can access your Facebook account. This is an extra security precaution setup for your protection.

In case you didn’t setup any security question on your account previously. Follow the below steps:

You can Ask your friends to verify you account, click here to know more.

or you can fill out the following form to report about your compromised account to Facebook.

For information on how to keep your Facebook account secure follow this link.

If you have more queries feel free to drop a comment below.