MessagesFacebook launched the New Messaging System around three months ago. Many of you may be currently using that. But then also I though of writing about this for the people who are not aware about the New Facebook Messages.

Facebook launched the new Messaging system with the intention to bring everything to the same place – chat data, messages and email. So the users does not have to always switch between browser tabs to check their latest emails. This new messages allows you to send and receive email from the Facebook account itself.

You email address will be on your public username:

For eg. (How to get Vanity URL for your Facebook Profile)

Email address:

Facebook is slowly rolling out this feature to all its users. If you haven’t got this feature activated on your account you can request any of your friend who is currently using the same to invite you or you can even request Facebook for an invitation.

Procedure to Request an Invitation for the New Message from Facebook:


  1. Login to your Facebook account
  2. Goto
  3. Click on “Request an Invitation” button at the bottom.

Your request to activate new messages has been submitted you will soon be able to see a notification in your account whenever it’ll get activated for you.


The new messages system gives special focus on messages from your friends. All the messages from your Facebook friends will go to your inbox rest of the messages i.e. from unknown or bulk messages will into the Other folder and the spam is hidden automatically.

  • Didn’t this feature come a couple months back?

    • Please properly read the first paragraph of the article again…

      • Edmond

        Dear Namit Gupta,

        I really want to try the Facebook new message system, it’s fantastic if I can send and receive messages on Facebook from my friends who don’t use Facebook.While, it’s quite hard to get the invitation, it seems I have to queue, I send the request last year, I see no invitation.

        Can you do me favor? My Facebook account name is Edmond Fbd, I hope you can add me as a friend on Facebook and invite me to the new message system.

        If you can do this for me, I will be really appreciated.


        • Sorry, I have no invites left with me now. Try finding someone else who have invites left with him/her. Do remember invites also do not assure instant activation of the new messaging system on your profile. The also try to get an invite if you could. Do let me know if you have any more queries. Cheers. :-)