Everyday App for iPhone is an interesting app which once installed will everyday ask you to take a picture of yourself specifically the face. Then later, after collecting a considerable number of pictures the app will let you create a time-lapse video of yourself. For this app to properly workout it requires a large number of pictures. The more pictures you will provide the better video it will be able to create.

everyday iphoneeveryday iphone

The Everyday app allows you to set remainders to get into the habit of everyday clicking a picture of yourself. While clicking the picture with the Everyday app you need to line up your face with an adjustable grid or you can even use an overlay of the last picture you took.

Watch out the video below to know more:

Try out this amazing app. It would be great to watch the time-lapse video of yourself and to watch yourself change, just like a real person.

Download Everyday App from iTunes App Store ($1.99)