Note: Google supposedly discontinued this service. As the official link to Google labs page for Google Talk Guru ( is not working any more.

google chat guru

Google recently launched Google Talk Guru, an instant message chatbot that can deliver search results and answer your queries by IM (Instant Messaging) on Gtalk.

Some of the examples of queries you can get answered by Google Talk Guru:

Sport scores: score arsenal
Weather: weather Nairobi
Calculate: 123 * 45
Currency: 120 KES to USD
Definition: define laptop
Translation: translate earth to French
Web result: web Mount Kenya
Help: help translate

To Get Started Using Google Talk Guru

  1. Login to your Gtalk Client
  2. Send a chat invitation to
  3. Find guru in your contact list and send chat queries to guru using the examples above

It’s yet another way to access Google’s archives of information.

What do you think of Google’s new IM bot? Let us know in the comments.